The Tainted Blood

This site is closed!

This site has been down since June 27, 2016.

There is no TTB sequel yet-- and as of now (12/12/17), there may never be one. 

Thank you everyone for the memories and experiences we've shared! It's been a long, strange, and twisted road, but in the end we've gotten through it together. The memories of this place, the nostalgia, is something I still enjoy reminiscing. It's been fun!

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Welcome to The Tainted Blood (TTB)!

Here at TTB, we allow our members to roleplay humans, woodland animals, supernatural beings like demons, vampires, and werewolves, and even creatures they've created themselves.***

We encourage literacy in roleplay, although other forms of rp are acceptable so long as adequate grammar and spelling is used.
We've been around since '10, and since then the site's been through many, many changes.  We started as a wolf roleplaying site, and have since branched off.

You'll find medieval themes are incorporated through the continent known as Atlona.

*with approval

Arise by E.S Posthumus

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Before you Join!
Discretion is Advised!

This is a mature roleplaying site. (16+)

Roleplay may include: Excessive violence and gore, adult language, suggestive/sexual themes, and other material that may not be considered suitable for younger audiences.

Consider parental permission before joining.


Check our Discord (above) if you'd like to connect with us~

The site has been down for a long time, so I've decided to just revert it back to a free site (allowing returning members to view the home page). To do this, I've had to delete the site's pages. All information has been stored on another website, so it's not truly gone.

I've decided to leave the forums up, though its usage by anyone isn't guaranteed. 

Anyway, thanks again everyone! And good luck on your life endeavors! 

--Mell, former Alpha of Shredded Hearts, 12/12/17


The Tainted Blood does not claim to own any images or media used unless otherwise stated. Credits will be available to original artists where it is due, and adjustments can be made wherever necessary.

Be sure you have permission to use the material you post! Banning will be reinforced for art theft.

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