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8/15/17 update

Posted by Vren on August 15, 2017 at 7:30 PM Comments comments (2)

Yo, this is Mell on my alt account <3

Alright, so for those of you who are veterans of the site, it's gonna be comin' back from hiatus pretty soon!

Well, that... may be a lie xD

Maybe in the next month or so, unless I find some help~ But when I do have everything, I'mma advertise it on dA 'n stuff.

I've been tryna come up with some concepts here and there for ways to make everything just... new. Lone came up with this idea that I think is pretty cool, which is to make the site into a kind of alternate dimension. So basically you can roleplay as your old characters as if they've just been made, with no history or anything from the site's previous past (or, y'know, you can just alter the history to go along with the current site's history 'n stuff). It was either the alternate dimension thing, or just pretty much saying "No, you can't be a character from the past. They're dead." and just letting you guys be descendants of them.

Yeah. xD

I'm just editing the kingdoms 'n factions now. I'm gonna make it so that the states in Draeza are each run by their own leaders (kinda like the "Packs" you guys might remember), but these leaders are ultimately governed by the monarchy, the Bloodworth family. Which means, the monarchy for the two kingdoms (Narram and Draeza) are consisted of pre-made characters that can be "adopted". Y'know, like, you volunteer to play as them? c: This is to have a foundation of lore to work off of, and then, maybe someday you guys can overthrow them and, hell idk, become King/Queen yourselves.

So, since I'm gonna have premade characters, I'm gonna need some artwork for 'em, and that's gonna take a little while, especially since I've got commissions and things to work out already, and another RP group called Kijabi that I'm also tryna do simultaneously.

Was also probs gonna revamp the site map, but yeah... dunno when I'll get to that xDD

Ahh... oh!

I'm also thinkin' of making a deviantArt page for TTB as well, so you guys can share artwork, literature, adopts, commissions-- things like that, related to the site.


I'm also the new site owner <3

So, that means Knife's not around anymore, but he'll probs stop by occasionally to check on things, y'know. xP lol.

Site Hiatus -- Skype

Posted by Mell on June 27, 2016 at 4:55 PM Comments comments (0)

As of today, I have cancelled the site's payment plan.

The current subscription will end July 12, 2016. This means the site will likely shut down on this date or shortly after.

The site's information won't be deleted, but it will be inaccessable to those who still come by to check in.

This is unfortunate, but it's no secret that the site's been dead recently. It's not worth the $9/mo I pay to keep it running if no one posts anything. xD Lol.

So! Until furthur notice, that is, until I feel like putting more time into this place and advertising it, the site won't be paid for. Just letting you guys know in advance.

Ciao! It's been fun guys!

**PS: If you want to keep in contact with some of the roleplayers, join our new group on skype!

CLICK HERE TO JOIN or just add me (mell.grim) so I can add you. xD

You can rp here if you want, I dont care xD

New Rule!

Posted by NecroWulfe on March 10, 2016 at 6:00 PM Comments comments (0)

A new rule has been added to the RULES & FACTS page. The rule is as followed;

45 Post Rule: If you are a newbie to the website, you are applicable to a forty-five post range that entitles you to temporary Roleplay free of any death penalty. You are able to be killed once all forty-five posts are used.

This rule does not apply if the newbie is to challenge anyone. If they attack or have intentions of killing, this rule is dismissed and they are allowed to be killed.

The Veil, Ranks Changed

Posted by Mell on February 21, 2016 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (2)

The Veil

I demoted Eryx to Lieutenant, and promoted Aconitum to Leader. This is until Eryx becomes active again. c: It's not a punishment, it's just to keep roleplay runnin' smoothly in the absence of someone with such a high rank.

I've also added a Medic and Assassin rank.

Forums Fixed

Posted by Vren on February 18, 2016 at 11:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Lets hope it doesn't get bugged again. For now, it seems, the issue has been resolved.

Forum Issue

Posted by Mell on February 16, 2016 at 4:15 PM Comments comments (0)

The forums are currently bugged if you hadn't noticed already, but that's not a problem with TTB itself. From Webs Support:

"Hmm error and posting issues in the Forums app SUPPORT-1818

Eric, asked this on Feb 16, 15:15


Some users are reporting that they see a "Hmm... Let's try that again" error message when posting or editing in the Forums app.


Our engineers are currently investigating."

Eh, it's not the best explanation for the issue, but I guess it should be up and running normally again soon. Just another one of webs bugs.

I will send in the site's info personally, so that perhaps ours can be fixed sooner. c:

Members-- Update Profiles!

Posted by Mell on February 10, 2016 at 1:05 PM Comments comments (0)

I realize the site's gone through some major changes, and many of you are still inactive and/or haven't read through the site's plot. But when you do get around to it, please:

Update your profiles to fit the site's current plot!

I've noted each of you (that's listed below) this information.

How you can do that:

  • Pick either Atlona or Senzorya as residence.
  • **Optional** If Senzorya, your PAST CHARACTERS (from the old ttb) can be resurrected (all reincarnations of them die)
  • **Optional** If Atlona, consider being one of the plot-based characters (you can comment here for that)
  • Be a species in Hecrio's Temple, or get your intended species legitamized (you can comment here for that).
  • Be sure to read the rules, they have changed since the previous version of the site.


Members whose Profiles still need to be updated

You cannot participate in RP until you update your profiles.

Your names will be removed from this list once this is completed.



Lily Lincesa


Pryderi | Saffron Primrose

The Scythian










Posted by Mell on February 8, 2016 at 3:40 PM Comments comments (2)

Bringing back the Championships

They didn't last long since the site was hacked, although I thought it was a pretty good idea.

I'll be posting up the page for it soon. Maybe waiting until we get a few more active members.

Like before, members will get the "Gladiator" title if they emerge victorious. I'm thinking of also granting them other perks. Maybe the ability to bring back one person from the dead.

New Blog! Dodges edited, Plot needed, etc

Posted by Mell on February 8, 2016 at 1:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Hey guys~! >u>

I decided to create this blog page as a way to post news and updates easier to the site. Members will also be able to post their own little updates, such as going on hiatus or returning/leaving.

Also, this wasn't formally stated anywhere but the number of dodges members can use in a battle has increased from two to five. With three blocks available. May help with longer battles. I dunno, we'll see how that goes~

And still looking for members to play some of the Plotted Characters! Also, it's not yet stated anywhere, but you can give up roleplaying the plotted character to someone else (although the change must be approved by someone in staff).

Oh! And if anyone has any idea for a Senzoryan plot, comment here. Thinking about making Senzorya a floating continent, or one that is built on the back of a giant sea turtle or something xD It's up for debate.


And hey, don't be afraid to rp. I know the place looks kinda dead but, don't worry 'bout that.

Post a reply somewhere xD Hell, I'll join you. We're tryna get active again, and that starts with you guys.