The Tainted Blood

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About Me

"You are my creator, but I am your master; -- obey!"

Themes: Blitzkrieg, No Easy Way Out, Taste, Lolita's Medicine

H i s t o r y » Over a thousand years ago, she led an uprising to save her people from an oppressive race known as the Argae. Her kind, the myr'ae had never known freedom until then. She traveled the galaxy as a fugitive, her masters' forces no doubt scouring the nearby planets for any traces of her kind. She came to Ereos not long ago, perhaps, two hundred years. Here, she made a name for herself. Killed for the sake of her alpha, and friend, Scarlet LoneWulfe, and found a place where she felt she could belong.

She has had two mates in her life: Ghoul, a low-life demon who'd given her a son, Caliber, and who betrayed her.; and Morpheus SpiritWulfe, the love of her life, who has given her a daughter, Eris. Both of her children, and the young she had adopted, are still dead from the apocolypse, when the land was still called Senzorya.

She's a murderer, and once, she might have tried to justify her actions, but truth be told, she has always been one, since the time of her creation. She's learned to embrace this part of herself, and... may be just a little bit out of her mind. She's beginning to master her want, her need, to draw blood.


D e s c r i p t i o n » Mell is myr'ae (commonly called a virus), and one of the last of her kind. She has three forms: Feral, Abyssal (true form), and Human. Her abyssal form has an astral/celestial appearance, as did her other forms before she came to this world. She was almost one thousand years old before the apocalypse that took her life. She has long blue hair that reaches to her waist and that emits an auric glow. Her eyes are bright red, with either cat-like pupils or none at all. She has pale skin, and stands only 4'5". Her teeth are pointed (as well as her nails), with slightly longer canines. Her ears are slightly lengthened and stop at a delicate point.


P e r s o n a l i t y » Mell's got a fiery and prideful demeanor. Despite her inferior size, she'd never turn down a challenge or hesitate to put overconfident fighters in their place. She's reckless, impulsive, and outspoken; some might call her brave... others, foolish. She puts her life on the line almost too easily to be sane. She thinks she's got what it takes to take on the world, when really, she's as mortal as anyone.

She takes sincerity and courage very seriously. She has no tolerance for cowards or traitors.

• • •Voice » Ophelia- Claymore

• • •Languages » Argaesan, Rasylian

• • •Faction » Resident of Draeza, Nocraria

• • •Relations » Spiritwulfe (husband), her children are dead

All artwork (c) me

About Me



Dread is a powerful sorcerer or warlock 
that has existed for centuries.
(more to come Daze is also back; once I find his info I'll add him)


21 years old

25 years old
About Me
B E X 

"Our Demons Know Best...They Entrap Our Mind But Set Our Soul Free.."

She is ice, cold, sharp and thin. She is a dark shadow among the light. She is a whisper in the breeze. She is the beauty that none want but one. She is love, hate, grief, and pain all mixed into one. She is a tattered soul, yet she remains whole. She is Bex.

About Me
Halo Necro Wulfe

~"I am your friend, and I am your foe."~

~"Let's dance to the sweet sound of your demise, little maggot."~

The three-thousand year old Necropath that once roamed the Tainted Lands has returned to pursue her rebellious, sadistic, and comedical entity of eradicating and constructing faculties of which surrounds her. A rutheless and unpredictable being, Halo abides only to the rules she composed; refrain from killing allies, massacre everything else.
Referred as the leader of Necropaths, Halo considers only familiar Necropaths family; if able to befriend this recalcitrant fiend, her limits may extend further to make an acception. Even so, Halo is always standing guard and will butcher anyone that stands or disrupts her path.
As aforementioned, Halo is a Necropath who has inherited the abilities of an elementalist, enabling her to have surivied a life much longer than predicted with minuscle evidence of aging. Halo had a family in her previous life, but with diminutive information of them, she finds it applicable to continue the wayward manner of which she survived with for the thousands of years alive.

***Necro is the title she responds too. If she, or her families real names are used without permission, she will assail without warning.***

Abilities: Elemental manipulation, energy and elemental absorbtion (healing), shape shifting, increased strength, immunity to poisions/venom/toxic chemicals, demonic skills, anatomy mutation (into vines, stones, water, fire, etc), infected vision, and incredibly tenacious bones.

Relations: BloodWulfe (Sister), SpiritWulfe (Brother).

| Disclaimer |
Avatar and biography image(s) made by Mell.

About Me

Strife is a shadow demon. Zoe was his mate before the apocalypse. He's a soldier of The Veil, and fights using twin swords and his shadows. He doesn't claim to be the best fighter, but he would do everything in his power to protect the people he loves.


Cyneos Bloodworth

Affiliation: Draeza, Prince

Relationships/kin: Brendarian (father), Kridana (mother), Evelina (sister)

Species: Half elf, half demon

Age: 20 years

Brief info: He met the Narramian Prince, Agnellus, at the age of 19. He was encouraged by his father to befriend him, in hopes of bringing justice between to the two kingdoms when they came to rule. Primarily due to Narram's past mistake of Maurin's birth.

About Me

“I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.”- Poe


Eryx is the first of his kind after the apocalypse. He wasn't created, by any ungodly being. He was just created by a human with a hobby for roboctics. Eryx is a cyborg, though he refuses to admit it. He is half human and half robot. He is larger in stature, standing at seven-feet four-inches. He may appear slim and masculine he weighs about six tons due to the metal withtin his structure. The metal within his body has the ability to regenerate and heal itself. His core is made of pure Polonium. Polonium is one of the strongest nuclear elements and just a sample of it measures over 500 degrees celsius.

Eryx was just an ordinary human with extraordinary strength in the past. Before the apocalypse Eryx was and orphan adopted by a very wealthy family. He has great mannerism's and excells in hand to hand combat, and he is a Ju-dan in Kendo. He is extremely athletic runs about 10 miles a day. He is outgoing and easy to talk to.

The day word of the apocalypse spread, Eryx rushed home to his family to find them all dead. He immediately took off running and after about the fifth mile he realized he was being followed by the same group he believed killed his family. He kept running and they began shooting arrows in his direction, he dodged the first few but he wasn't able to dodge them all. He kept running and persevered for his family. He then saw a light infront of him and didn't know what it was but he realized it was trying to lead him somwhere. He followed the light and once the light stopped he passed out from exhaustion. Once he awoke, a man was infront of him. He tried jumping up but something was holding him back. "Just hold on you need to reboot, everything is going to be alright" the man said.

Once Eryx rebooted he jumped to his feet. The man was infront of him and the light from earlier was not just a light it was a young lady. The man began to speak again "It's alright, I'm Julian, and thats Arcadia" he pointed to the young lady. After a long conversation Eryx realized Arcadia saved his life and Julian gave his life to save Eryx's by putting the polonium core in. The polonium sent Julian's body into a rapid decay which led him to death. Eryx has now spent the rest of his life protecting Arcadia. The only family he has is Cady. He is also Raven's pet.

Eryx is a lieutenant in The Veil


Full armor

No armor


About Me

S h a r k

Shark is male, and a demon of sorts. He's ageless, and was not created, nor a costume demon. When Shark was just an infant, he was a possessed by a demon named "Exios". Exios was powerful, cold hearted demon that needed a host; and once he found a young boy, whom Exios thought was weak, he took over. Little did he know, this boy had an extremely powerful darkness within him. The boy, Shark, used this dark energy, of which he refers to as "The Ray", to absorb the demon within his conscience. Shark then began to use Exios' unlimited power to his own ability. Since then, Shark became an infamous, unstoppable killer.

...His Forms...

Link, Link

I do not own any of the artwork above. If it's a problem it will be removed.

About Me

Meet Asteria Ashwood.


She is a 24 year old female human who stands at 5'6" tall.
Asteria has roughly cropped short black hair, fair skin and pale eyes.
She is skilled fighter who excels in close range combat with swords and knives.
Asteria currently lives in Aelbourne, Narram as a bounty hunter or 'gun-for-hire'.
In her childhood, she apprenticed under one of the finest blacksmith's in Bruoze, who specialized in making armor and weapons. Her master took her under his wing after her family mysteriously abandoned her on the streets of Narram. Under his watchful eye, she became quite skilled in making armor and weapons - and using them. After his death, she vanished, reappearing in Aelbourne as a bounty hunter. 
Asteria is a rather frank person - she speaks her mind and isn't afraid of the consequences. She can have a sarcastic and sadistic sense of humor sometimes.  Her kind upbringing frequently clashes with her desire to make money by any means possible, which impacts her alliances and friendships. Basically - don't trust the gal.
L A N G U A G E -- Common tongue






About Me


Age : Unknown

Species : Hybrid

Weapon of choice: Dark lightning katana that emits/ radiates dark energy.

Biotic is a hybrid. Nothing is really known about him. He gas a couple of special abilities. If cut or slashed open his blood will stick to whatever was used to puncture his skin and melt it. And his heart is incased with a metal that can only be melted off. In wolf form his sticky blood is on the outside. He also uses a mist that slips into your pours and begins melting skin veins and other tissue. There is more abilities, he just hasen't discovered how to use and control them. They are released on there own and control them selves as they are released. He is a being of light and shadow therefore he can use them both to heal or become stronger. In his shadow wolf form if he sees a shadow or lines of light he is able to dive into them like water but can't be followed. The ability to weild fire, plasma and lightning are specialties to him but he can also disappear using those or use them to encase himself or stregthen.



Shadow Wolf



Age: Unknown

Species: Hybrid

Weapon of choice: Lightning Katana, or any slim style sword, or, Plasma Rifle.

Crew is the fraternal twin of Biotic. Like the same but not the same. Crew's attitude is the IDGAF so STFU kind. He doesn't care for drama, so don't mess with him. His history? Well he atually was in the Ghost Squadron # 842. Him and six other men of the galactic army were put to the ultimate test. His Squadron were a group of highly trained assassins. Unfortunately, his "brothers in arms" Died leaving him the only survivor. Before he went in the mission, his commander sent in three other squadrons to kill Crew's. Crew then exterminated the whole army with help from some old friends and is now on his own with his brother. Crew's Shadwolf and Wolf is the same as Biotic's but white. Want to know anything else? Find out for your self.

About Me

Note: I claim no art I use on my profile.

Note: My own art will replace the current art in the near future.

"Ashes to ashes, let the fires of Hell consume your screams."

Zoe is a Half-Blood Pyromancer; a sorceress with control over the Element of Fire. Her return to The Tainted Lands was involuntary, however she isn't about to turn down a second chance. Her allies are Spiritwulfe(Morpheus), Mell, and Amazon. Amazon was a Hellhound shapeshifter who refused the chance to return. Before the fallout, Zoe's mate is Strife.Her loyalty belong to Senzorya, as a Soldier of The Veil.


Note: I do have the persmission of Lone/Necro to create a character of this race.
Note: Art of Bloodwulfe will be coming soon!

From the past, to the past, in the past.
From the present, to the present, in the present.
From the future, to the future, in the future.

Lost, found, forgotten. Descending the ancient bloodline of Necropaths, Bloodwulfe(Eclair) is one of them. She suffered a catastrophic death once a time ago in the past, but that was to the past and in the past, which Eclair is from the past. Her blood kin are the Necropaths, Spiritwulfe(Morpheus), her brother, and Necrowulfe(Halo), her sister. She's returned from her perish and is filled with as much power as before.

Site Owner
About Me

Please do not message me for site related issues.

Direct your issues to either Mell or NecroWulfe, as ownership has moved to them. They may use this account for appointing admins and updating the site's premium membership, so often if I'm seen online it may not actually be me.

-Corrupt is a demon-

There was a time when Corrupt senselessly followed KnifeFang, the vampire, but since his death he became a loner. That was many years ago. Presently, returning from Vivid, he finds himself hopelessly bored, and he isolates himself as often as he can manage.

Chop Suey by System of a Down, Tomorrow by SR-71, Seizure of Power by Marilyn Manson

25 years old
About Me

~under maintenance~

About Me

V r e n 

D e s c r i p t i o n » Vren is a black mamba naga, though her scales are considerably darker than any natural mamba. She reaches around 25ft (9 meters) in length which includes her human half, which is partially scaled. She has skin-colored ventral scales on her stomach, and black scales on her breasts, hands, and shoulders. She has straight black hair that falls to her waist, and glowing gold eyes. The inside of her mouth, including her lips, are black.

"The bite of a black mamba can potentially cause collapse in humans within 45 minutes, or less. Without effective antivenom therapy, death typically occurs in 7–15 hours"

She grew up a prisoner from the moment she hatched. She was brought in overseas as an egg by pirates looking to make quick coin selling 'oddities', and she was given to an estranged human physician who liked to experiment on supernaturals. He suffered a lethal bite, and Vren remained shackled for days until another human found her and cut her free. She still has the shackles around her neck and the wrist of her right hand.

• • •Voice »

• • •Language » Draconic


• • •Faction » Southern wilds of Atlona


Z e p h o r a

[Image coming soon]

D e s c r i p t i o n » Zephora Delnum is an elf, and stands 5'6'' with fair skin. She is a little over 1,000 years in her prime and can manipulate fire. Her voluminous golden hair cascades in fine tresses to her waist. She wears elegant gowns, usually with golden or silver accents, and her effects are often expensive. She has bright purple eyes and delicate pointed ears. She is skilled with a sword. and rides on the back of a wyvern named Midgir. She believes in peace, although she isn't above fighting to defend her people and her country. She'd fallen for a vampire once, who had been staked by a human over 500 years ago. 500 years and she still feels the pain of his death. His name was Varin. Despite this, she doesn't resent the human race.

She is the leader of Sol'vynn, although many of her people still consider her the queen. Brendarian, shortly after his rise to power, conquered her land and claimed it in the name of Draeza. Kridana, his wife, was once a member of her court before he took her as well. Like the death of her beloved Varin, she doesn't blame Brendarian for his actions. If anything, he is protecting her people, which are generally more oriented toward peace than warfare.

Aerald Chandos, her second, has been with her for as long as she can remember. She often looks to him for guidance, or support in her times of need. Although he isn't as peace-loving as she is, she still values his thoughts and considers him an irreplaceable member of her court.

• • •Voice » Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister

• • •Language » Elven, Draconic, Common


• • •Faction » Sol'vynn, Draeza

• • •Wyvern » Midgir


All images are drawn and owned by me.

About Me

• • • Her Voice » Jessica Straus, Blue (Wolf's Rain)

Calista Anderson is 100% human-- or at least that's what everyone believes. The Anderson bloodline has been around for many generations, so no one's ever thought to question her heritage. She's also got several very powerful connections throughout Narram, to ensure she's legit.

The truth is, Calista should have been pure-blooded. Her mother and her intended father were both human, and married; however, her mother had been raped by a demon while on duty. This information, and all details pertaining to the incident, never surfaced. All evidence of it in any files have been virtually erased to protect Calista's future. She consumes tablets of sugar mixed with powdered blackstone to suppress any supernatural abilities she may have inherited. As a result she suffers headaches, fatigue, and occasional fainting spells.

Now... being that she is 'pure-blooded', and has renowned skill in battle, she's apart of Narram's Royal Guard, and works relentlessly to ensure the safety of the monarchs.

She's 22 years old, stands 5'6" and has a slim. muscular build. Her hair is naturally silver, although she generally dyes it black, and her eyes are pale blue.

Those who meet Calista generally call her cold. She's a 'no bullshit' kind of woman and likes to cut to the chase. She's suspicious of any and everyone, and takes her job very seriously. She has very few friends (if any) and she likes to keep it that way. Considering her past, she has a special place in her heart dedicated to hating supernaturals-- specifically demons.

Calista has family throughout Aelbourne, although she resides in Bruoze with the royals. When given free time,  she often travels outside of the country to attend to 'other matters' (she's the Head Assassin of The Incentive, although no one has ever confirmed this).

She is single with no husband or children.

Louis: You've condemned me to Hell.

Lestat: I don't know any Hell.

Aerald Chandos
About Me

From the royal family of Chandos, Aerald rose by Zephora's side as her advisor and now deputy. Being the sole survivor of the direct bloodline of Chandos, he was often put under heavy pressure to achieve greatness in their name, at home and in battle.

Initially, he was discontent with how his life was going. It took years down the road before his vision changed; when he was introduced to Zephora at a young age, and then when Sol'vynn was conquered by Draeza.

Unlike Zephora and her mindsets on peace, he believes war is inevitable. As Viceroy of Sol'vynn he plans to retake the state under Zephora's name. Despite his people depicted as peaceful, their borders being so close to Narram gives him the gut feeling of danger everyday. Due to this, he's trained individuals in private in the ways of the Itza'en elves; great warriors who once defended Sol'vynn long ago.

Despite having differences with Zephora on recent events, he still serves her with complete love and loyalty. He sees Zephora as the true leader of their people and because of that he has been the one dirtying his hands to accomplish that goal.

Aconitum | Magnolia
About Me

"There is poison in the fang of the serpent, in the mouth of the fly and in

the sting of a scorpion; but the wicked man is saturated with it."~ Chanakya

Aconitum Lovien

Soon after the Apocalypse took affect, a small purple flower broke through the ruined soil of the Tainted Lands. From it's deadly pollen, a slender young woman emerged in a fourish of bright peddles and thus, Aconitum was born.

Upon entering the Tainted Lands, the young woman had very little knowledge of the land prior to her arival and was only equiped with basic skills in the english language. However, just a short time after her "birth", Aconitum quickly advanced, gaining vast knowledge on her new home and extinguishing just a bit of her broken english due to her species' ability to learn quickly from their surroundings. 

Aconitum, a slender, fair skined woman with hair as black as night and eyes as green as the poison she so vigorously consumes, is the last of her kind and the only one to ever step foot in the Tainted Lands. Aconitum is what's known as a poison drinker, a very deadly being that is born from the pollen and peddles of poisonious organisms such as the plant Aconite or Aconitum.

This species is a very lethal one due to its primary defence mechanism which is to highten the acidity of their bodies, being able to melt through just about anything with the brush of a fingertip. Therefore, it is incredibly dangerous to touch their bare skin. Once a poison drinker's skin is touched, the toxins expelled will cling to the victim, slowly eating away at the unfortunate soul's body and could very well result in death unless the poison drinker is forgiving enough to take it's deadly poisons back.

Faction: The Veil

Magnolia Fontemai

Magnolia | Zi'nnon
About Me

Magnolia Quintet, The Sweet

Magnolia The Sweet defiantly does not live up to her name. In fact, Madam Magnolia Quintet, The Sweet is not a force to be reckoned with at all. She's a stone cold, calculating woman with one hell of a hatred for supernaturals. She tolerates very little when it comes to child's play and has a strong sense of honor, trust and loyalty; so much so that she is quick to scold or even strike down any who oppose her, desrepect her people, or question her word. Along with her attitude comes a warm heart for battle and a desire to draw her blade at any turn. Madam Magnolia often likes to brand herself as more of a soldier than a queen and would rather die than be anywhere but the heart of battle. Magnolia is tall and slender, standing at 6'3" with pale skin and long blonde hair that she keeps decorated with messy braids. Her wardrobe of choice would be light men's armor and an expensive fur of some sort, preferably bear pelt.

State: Bouze, The Howling Kingdom 

Voice: Lisa Vanderpump


Zi'nnon is a wolf among sheep. At least... that's what she calls herself. This 3000 year old dragon shifter is a rowdy one with a heart of gold and a spunk that simply cannot be matched. She’s sweet and trusting of most, always eager to make friends, and has an incredibly strong sense of loyalty to her faction and her leader. Although, she is willing to push her kind and friendly nature aside in order to stand against those who aim to harm her or her faction. While Zi’nnon is in fact a dragon, she has the ability to shift into the form of a vibrantly colored elf and often stays that way in order to live on land among her faction mates. Along with the ability to shift out of her true form, the young dragon is able to wield the element of water as she pleases and can call upon other water dwellers, octopuses more specifically, for aid if she sees fit. In her true form, Zi’nnon is an incredibly large, deep blue hooded sea dragon with solid turquoise eyes and bright purple accents highlighting her scales.

Faction: Sol'Vynn, Draeza

Voice: ~soon to come~


Io Riin | Zi'nnon
25 years old
About Me

~Io Riin~

Io is... not the kindest of beings. Although, she's not necessarily the meanest of them either. She just doesn't care for most and has little to no regard for others that may or may not be affected by her actions. ~more soon to come~


Zi'nnon is a wolf among sheep. At least... that's what she calls herself. This 3000 year old dragon shifter is a rowdy one with a heart of gold and a spunk that simply cannot be matched. She’s sweet and trusting of most, always eager to make friends, and has an incredibly strong sense of loyalty to her faction and her leader. Although, she is willing to push her kind and friendly nature aside in order to stand against those who aim to harm her or her faction. While Zi’nnon is in fact a dragon, she has the ability to shift into the form of a vibrantly colored elf and often stays that way in order to live on land among her faction mates. Along with the ability to shift out of her true form, the young dragon is able to wield the element of water as she pleases and can call upon other water dwellers, octopuses more specifically, for aid if she sees fit. In her true form, Zi’nnon is an incredibly large, deep blue hooded sea dragon with solid turquoise eyes and bright purple accents highlighting her scales.

Attention!: Io Riin is owned by me, TheAconitumWitch, and the feral piece of artwork was done by Yuu-Chain. However, I do not own any other image on this page and they belong to their rightful owners.

24 years old
About Me


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My Son Zane:

My name is Rai. When i was younger my family died in a fire where i lived so i was scarred with burn marks. Though one day someone gave me a spell which allows me to hide the scars as long as im not fighting or mad.