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Eh. Buzz off.
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Meet Asteria Ashwood.


She is a 24 year old female human who stands at 5'6" tall.
Asteria has roughly cropped short black hair, fair skin and pale eyes.
She is skilled fighter who excels in close range combat with swords and knives.
Asteria currently lives in Aelbourne, Narram as a bounty hunter or 'gun-for-hire'.
In her childhood, she apprenticed under one of the finest blacksmith's in Bruoze, who specialized in making armor and weapons. Her master took her under his wing after her family mysteriously abandoned her on the streets of Narram. Under his watchful eye, she became quite skilled in making armor and weapons - and using them. After his death, she vanished, reappearing in Aelbourne as a bounty hunter. 
Asteria is a rather frank person - she speaks her mind and isn't afraid of the consequences. She can have a sarcastic and sadistic sense of humor sometimes.  Her kind upbringing frequently clashes with her desire to make money by any means possible, which impacts her alliances and friendships. Basically - don't trust the gal.
L A N G U A G E -- Common tongue






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Reply Donn Hoyt
11:41 PM on March 31, 2016 
(Nickelback was a very good choice)
Reply Drikeir
11:49 PM on October 12, 2015 
"Yeah.. I don't plan on it." He released her wrist from his grasp as she stepped away, feeling more comfortable again in his own little bubble. "I am a Mind Lore." he blinked, knowing she probably had no idea what that was. "It's like a smartass stuck in the body of an alien."
Reply Drikeir
11:39 PM on October 12, 2015 
Out of his growing respect, he stood there motionless. After standing there for a little while, before he raised his hand, gently pulled her hand off of his neck with a considerable amount of strength. "I'm not suggesting anything. If I were flirting, I think I'd be dead already." He grinned playfully, seeing if she'd relax at all.
Reply Drikeir
11:03 PM on October 12, 2015 
He stifled a laugh, finding what she said hilarious. "If I hit you, you'd be on the ground. But I'm more of a mental man." His eyes moved across her face, surveying her eyes and her thoughts. "Mind over matter, if that counts as flirting, then-" he murmured, his eyes shifting around until they became glued to hers as the silence hung still.
Reply Drikeir
10:41 PM on October 12, 2015 
His breath momentarily caught in his throat at her sudden closeness and he cocked an eyebrow, staring down slightly at her. "I wanted to get better acquainted.. Since, you're the least annoying of the minds here." That was as close to a compliment as the tall dark man could utter in the circumstance.
Reply Drikeir
9:28 PM on October 12, 2015 
His eyes flickered from her face to her knees and back up. "Drikeir." He spoke his words wisely, not feeling the need to express himself in any great way yet. He kept his face like a stone, showing little to no emotion, but he acknowledged her tease with furrowed brows. "You're Tempest.. I believe." Within the blink of an eye, he was 10 feet closer, but he still lingered far away.
Reply Drikeir
4:36 PM on October 12, 2015 
Drikeir stood there, seeming to have appeared out of nowhere. He took his right hand out of his pocket and let it hang by his side, his cerulian eyes staring across the empty space to Tempest. "Hey."
Reply Kiwi
6:27 PM on September 9, 2014 
Decay tackled Tempest, well at least tried, and rubbed her cheek against the leg of the woman. "YOU'RE AURA IS NEATO." Her voice raspy, and a bit terrifying.
Reply Sinha
11:07 AM on July 26, 2014 
Sinner was in his 'Wolf form' as he stalked up to his alpha and greeted you with a brief submissive gesture of a bow."Tempest." He said, as he peered at you; his eyes were a blood stained red. And his ears swiveled, while anticipated to converse with you about whether a war is brewing.
Reply Roselynn|Snow
3:16 PM on May 4, 2014 
Amy nodded. "Of course we should. We should have a contest at who can catch the biggest prey." XD
Reply Ren
5:21 PM on March 25, 2014 
He shrugged "not much, just wanted to say hi." He pressed his lips together and stuck his hands in his pockets.
Reply Ren
10:00 PM on March 24, 2014 
He made his way toward tempest his broad shoulders moving in a rhythm. He took a deep breath as he spoke "Hey."
Reply Kaden
9:49 PM on March 13, 2014 
"Tempest..!" Arden meowed for her.
Reply Kenna/Maud
10:19 PM on December 10, 2013 
WAIT. read profile. Silverstorm. It's slowly coming back to me lol
Reply Kenna/Maud
10:19 PM on December 10, 2013 
Ik this sounds horrible, but I can't remember that many people. I forgot who you are T_T I'll think about it tho :)
Reply Kaden
6:12 PM on November 20, 2013 
"Tempest," he repeated to himself. Arden's velvety ears flipped forward, "A fitting name for a beautiful woman. Are you in a pack by any chance?"
Reply Kaden
8:16 PM on November 19, 2013 
"Arden, m'lady. Meow." He bowed graciously, a droll action for someone as careless as himself. "It's nice to meet you."
Reply Kaden
11:59 AM on November 18, 2013 
"Why, hello Lady." The felidae smiled at the woman.
Reply Bronx
10:24 AM on November 12, 2013 
"Ah, yes my Alpha. Well I am Bronx. I can be your persobal assassin or just the packs assassin. Whatever you see fit.." he bows. "I have many capabilities. I am a major blood-manipulator and prefer dark energy manipulation over regular energy manipulating." He smirks as the sly masculine cut several cuts on his arm and then he shows the female his liquid free flowing blood, but within a hundreath of a second the blood slams together and create a very thick un-breakable blade spewing from a wound within his arm. "Its blade, made purely from my own will and energy."
Reply Bronx
12:14 AM on November 12, 2013 
"Yes. My name is Bronx. And you must be?" The manipulator thought momentarily before replying. "Tempest, correct?"