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Strife is a shadow demon. Zoe was his mate before the apocalypse. He's a soldier of The Veil, and fights using twin swords and his shadows. He doesn't claim to be the best fighter, but he would do everything in his power to protect the people he loves.


Cyneos Bloodworth

Affiliation: Draeza, Prince

Relationships/kin: Brendarian (father), Kridana (mother), Evelina (sister)

Species: Half elf, half demon

Age: 20 years

Brief info: He met the Narramian Prince, Agnellus, at the age of 19. He was encouraged by his father to befriend him, in hopes of bringing justice between to the two kingdoms when they came to rule. Primarily due to Narram's past mistake of Maurin's birth.

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Reply Zoe
1:29 PM on March 12, 2016 
((Thanks. ;_; It took me a week to get the motivation to do it.))

A weak smile formed on her expression, as Zoe hopped down from her perch to stand in front of her mate. The pyromancer lifted a hand, however hesitantly withdrew it to her chest a moment in fear of Strife's presence being a dream- or even, a nightmare. She reluctantly would reach out to lay her palm on his cheek, getting her confirmation of his existence being exact while tears finally would slip down her face,"Too long. I... " Her voice seemed to constrict itself, as she leaned into him, her forehead pressing itself into his shoulder. "I missed you Strife..."
Reply Zoe
6:27 PM on March 5, 2016 
((Woo. I have my profile updated now. :'3 ))

The pyromancer sat up in a tree, staring down towards the demon through feline like eyes while she kicked her legs back and forth. Eventually after a moment of being stalkerish, Zoe would call down to Strife,"Hey idiot, miss me?"
Reply Zoe
6:09 PM on February 29, 2016 
((-Is tackled- ♥ Hey idiot. :3))
Reply Zoe
11:26 PM on February 27, 2016 
((*Casually coughs* I have returned. Tis I, Zoe. xD))
Reply Tempest
1:10 PM on February 26, 2016 
Strifey~ ^_^
Reply Mell
1:59 AM on March 14, 2015 
Reply Kiwi
5:41 PM on January 5, 2015 
Kiwi had wandered up to Eric and smiled as she was flitting infront of him to stay in the air. She held out her tiny hand which had an egg with mysterious carvings etched into it. The egg was certainly a rock, for it was unable to to crack. It illuminated a golden color for a quick second before changing its color completely. She squeaked and turned it away from him, so it reverted to its original color. Almost like a whisper, Kiwi screeched, "Demon.! But you look nice!!"
Reply Mell
8:30 PM on December 31, 2014 
Cady wore a cat's smile when he returned with the flowers. "Aww, I love them!" x3 She glomped him. "Thanks for all the gifts. And Happy New Years~!"
Reply Mell
6:08 PM on December 23, 2014 
"Pffft~" She poked his forehead. "You don't have to get me anything." xP
Reply Pendulum
3:39 PM on December 17, 2014 
((Thanks~ This name has been one that I've waited on for a character a lot lately. xD))
Reply スピリット| ミュゼ
3:20 PM on December 16, 2014 
"Aye." Revenant said nonchalantly. "Get on her good side, she's easy to win over. Though i'll be watching you too. Tread carefully." She warned, her crimson eyes seeming to shimmer as she left the territory without a trace.
Reply スピリット| ミュゼ
12:26 AM on December 16, 2014 
Revenant seemed to appear out of nowhere, as he approached the half-demon. "My sister wished for me to tell you this, but she is busy. I am here on her behalf." She said, before stating her message. "She wants you to be aware that she knows that you are half-demon, stating that you smell just like one. She is fine with you seeing Cady, but if you ever show any hint of a bloodthirsty demon, she will 'gut' you." Revenant said, ending her message. "As for seem like a decent person. But, my sister is Cady's mother--don't try angering her." She began to leave silently, walking slowly however, in case Eric would like to respond.
Reply Mell
6:31 PM on December 14, 2014 
(Aye. I want to start fighting seriously with Cady xP)
(I've got to train you and Siren with Calista, remind me one o' these days o.o)

"Eh.." She gave him a once over with her eyes and crossed her arms, "Sure. I like the city."
Reply Mell
1:16 PM on December 14, 2014 
Cady stiffened. "That's only 'cause you- you can't just-" She glared him. "Gah! Go away!"
Reply Pendulum
1:05 PM on December 14, 2014 
((So I can tell... ;A; But Strife. R.I.P. I missed you too, sorry I haven't been around lately.))
Reply Pendulum
12:56 PM on December 13, 2014 
((My inactivity has gotten me behind. ;A; Sorry I haven't been around Strife. -Cries in a corner-))
Reply Mell
12:30 AM on December 13, 2014 
((((;゜Д゜))) "E-ehh?!" Cady waved his hand away from her ear, then waved him away in general. She turned so he couldn't see her face turn red. "Don't say that, weirdo." ene; "Pffft."
Reply Mell
3:14 PM on December 10, 2014 
"Aye!" She excitedly poked his face. "Does it have red ones? Red is my favorite color." x3
Reply Mell
8:46 PM on December 8, 2014 
Cady didn't expect to be glomped. She squirmed and pushed him away. "Oh I don't hate you." She laughed a little. "How could I? You gave me treasure!" c:
Reply Mell
12:05 PM on December 8, 2014 
(Guess you could try? lmao.)
She nodded, "I s'pose it is."