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"You are my creator, but I am your master; -- obey!"

Themes: Blitzkrieg, No Easy Way Out, Taste, Lolita's Medicine

H i s t o r y » Over a thousand years ago, she led an uprising to save her people from an oppressive race known as the Argae. Her kind, the myr'ae had never known freedom until then. She traveled the galaxy as a fugitive, her masters' forces no doubt scouring the nearby planets for any traces of her kind. She came to Ereos not long ago, perhaps, two hundred years. Here, she made a name for herself. Killed for the sake of her alpha, and friend, Scarlet LoneWulfe, and found a place where she felt she could belong.

She has had two mates in her life: Ghoul, a low-life demon who'd given her a son, Caliber, and who betrayed her.; and Morpheus SpiritWulfe, the love of her life, who has given her a daughter, Eris. Both of her children, and the young she had adopted, are still dead from the apocolypse, when the land was still called Senzorya.

She's a murderer, and once, she might have tried to justify her actions, but truth be told, she has always been one, since the time of her creation. She's learned to embrace this part of herself, and... may be just a little bit out of her mind. She's beginning to master her want, her need, to draw blood.


D e s c r i p t i o n » Mell is myr'ae (commonly called a virus), and one of the last of her kind. She has three forms: Feral, Abyssal (true form), and Human. Her abyssal form has an astral/celestial appearance, as did her other forms before she came to this world. She was almost one thousand years old before the apocalypse that took her life. She has long blue hair that reaches to her waist and that emits an auric glow. Her eyes are bright red, with either cat-like pupils or none at all. She has pale skin, and stands only 4'5". Her teeth are pointed (as well as her nails), with slightly longer canines. Her ears are slightly lengthened and stop at a delicate point.


P e r s o n a l i t y » Mell's got a fiery and prideful demeanor. Despite her inferior size, she'd never turn down a challenge or hesitate to put overconfident fighters in their place. She's reckless, impulsive, and outspoken; some might call her brave... others, foolish. She puts her life on the line almost too easily to be sane. She thinks she's got what it takes to take on the world, when really, she's as mortal as anyone.

She takes sincerity and courage very seriously. She has no tolerance for cowards or traitors.

• • •Voice » Ophelia- Claymore

• • •Languages » Argaesan, Rasylian

• • •Faction » Resident of Draeza, Nocraria

• • •Relations » Spiritwulfe (husband), her children are dead

All artwork (c) me

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Reply NecroWulfe
2:43 PM on October 7, 2016 
ಠ_ಠ dinkleberg
Reply NecroWulfe
10:04 PM on September 24, 2016 
no lolligagging
Reply Doll
11:37 AM on March 16, 2016 
(I actually forgot to take my meds. thanks for reminding me xD)
Reply Lexa Amsel
11:56 PM on March 14, 2016 
Reply Strife
5:48 PM on March 15, 2015 
Reply Strife
12:11 AM on March 14, 2015 
-Poke poke poke poke poke-
Reply Athena
6:07 PM on January 31, 2015 
Reply Strife
5:09 PM on January 18, 2015 
(I think you should draw the fight between Mell and Saber XD with Rifle and Nevermore dead in the background T___T)
Reply Strife
1:30 PM on January 18, 2015 
"I'm glad you like them!" Eric had said on New Year's. Days later, the present time, he went to her again and hugged her. "I missed you Cady!!" Eric hugged the air out of her. T___T
Reply Kotakan
2:02 AM on January 9, 2015 
Dez smiled upon her approach to Cady. "Hey kid."
Reply Kiwi
2:30 PM on January 5, 2015 
Kiwi had wandered up to Cady with curious eyes looking up at her. Since it was hard to look Cady in the eyes, she flew up to be face to face with her. She made a small content noise before smiling and zipping off. Once she came back, she had been dragging a flower along with her. Inside the flower was a juicy stem that would fill the persons mouth with a sweet taste. She then went off to find another one, sat on Cadys shoulder, and squished the stem in her hands so she would have a handful of the drink. She looked up at Arcadia then took a drink from her hands.
Reply Strife
2:23 PM on December 31, 2014 
(Late T_T Christmas trip lol) "Of course I do!" Eric had said the day before Christmas. On Christmas day he'd given her several wrapped presents with jewelry and treasures of every kind. Later he came with another gift, "Did you like your gifts? Here." The final present had flowers inside. They were aglow. "I found these inside a cave. Thought you might like them." :P
Reply Strife
4:21 PM on December 23, 2014 
"Arcadia! What do you want for Christmas?" :P
Reply スピリット| ミュゼ
3:19 PM on December 16, 2014 
"Id say no, but it's clear that you would know otherwise." Ren looked upwards thoughtfully. "Though I doubt it's a matter of concern for now. YOu're already older--you can defend yourself now. Plus, it's more of a blessing than anything, I think." She said kindly, for once she believed her own words.
Reply Strife
1:27 PM on December 16, 2014 
(Alright :P I'll post in one of the cities, just reply when you come back online)
Reply スピリット| ミュゼ
12:46 AM on December 16, 2014 
"I hope you do, darling." She said with a smile, a great facade for the worry within her. She wondered how Argaesa could be involved with her daughter. She asked with a bit of caution, "Does the words, Creator, and Virus have any sort of meaning to you?"
Reply スピリット| ミュゼ
12:35 AM on December 16, 2014 
"No no no..." Renown blinked, pushing herself back from Cady. "It's nothing you should worry about, I promise. I can't make much heads or tails of what I just saw, but all I can say, is that your Magic, power, and Energy are all growing far stronger." She did not mention the symbol that she believed she saw, that looked oddly like a symbol she found in a ruin--that is, the symbol of Argaesa.
Reply スピリット| ミュゼ
12:27 AM on December 16, 2014 
"How peculiar...lemme see your face again." Ren said, gently taking her hands to Cady's face, her eyes analyzing her slowly. Her left eye in particular, seemed to be moving on its own, perhaps detecting energy signatures. " is this..." She whispered.
Reply スピリット| ミュゼ
12:20 AM on December 16, 2014 
"i wouldn't say so, it's nothing bad. I was just curious." Truthfully however, Ren was slightly suspicious. It seemed strange how she just magically started using it--there must've been a source. "Do you have any friends that use it?"
Reply スピリット| ミュゼ
12:10 AM on December 16, 2014 
"By the way young lady." Ren turned to Cady, her amber hair suddenly seemed like that of royalty, or perhaps of a queen. Perhaps she was the spitting image of her mother? "Where did you get the habit of using Oi? None of us use it, so it must be from someone else?"