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Age : Unknown

Species : Hybrid

Weapon of choice: Dark lightning katana that emits/ radiates dark energy.

Biotic is a hybrid. Nothing is really known about him. He gas a couple of special abilities. If cut or slashed open his blood will stick to whatever was used to puncture his skin and melt it. And his heart is incased with a metal that can only be melted off. In wolf form his sticky blood is on the outside. He also uses a mist that slips into your pours and begins melting skin veins and other tissue. There is more abilities, he just hasen't discovered how to use and control them. They are released on there own and control them selves as they are released. He is a being of light and shadow therefore he can use them both to heal or become stronger. In his shadow wolf form if he sees a shadow or lines of light he is able to dive into them like water but can't be followed. The ability to weild fire, plasma and lightning are specialties to him but he can also disappear using those or use them to encase himself or stregthen.



Shadow Wolf



Age: Unknown

Species: Hybrid

Weapon of choice: Lightning Katana, or any slim style sword, or, Plasma Rifle.

Crew is the fraternal twin of Biotic. Like the same but not the same. Crew's attitude is the IDGAF so STFU kind. He doesn't care for drama, so don't mess with him. His history? Well he atually was in the Ghost Squadron # 842. Him and six other men of the galactic army were put to the ultimate test. His Squadron were a group of highly trained assassins. Unfortunately, his "brothers in arms" Died leaving him the only survivor. Before he went in the mission, his commander sent in three other squadrons to kill Crew's. Crew then exterminated the whole army with help from some old friends and is now on his own with his brother. Crew's Shadwolf and Wolf is the same as Biotic's but white. Want to know anything else? Find out for your self.

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Reply The Scythian
9:13 PM on February 6, 2014 
War smiled. "Eavesdropping?" She laughed a little, brushing the sidenote away. "Let's see.... Anyone. Kill anyone, someone who isn't a noob." The immortal clasped her hands together and nodded curtly.
Reply Kenna/Maud
12:27 PM on December 8, 2013 
(Ik! I've missed you too! X3)
Reply Kenna/Maud
8:55 PM on December 7, 2013 
(Like, bring Elena back to life? I haven't been on here in forever!)
Reply Doll
11:13 PM on July 26, 2013 
Aspen walked up to the two and curtsied. Her grey/black eyes observed the two men before deciding to speak. "Hello, I'm Aspen." The woman crossed her arms and leaned on her hip.
Reply Nathra
1:39 PM on July 14, 2013 
Nathra approached both Biotic and Crew, looking at Biotic and then looking over Crew. A smirk came over her face as she shifted her weight to one foot, "Hello."
Reply Avery Fox
11:13 PM on April 8, 2013 
Aphrodite sighed and began walking away. "I know you hate him, but if you cared about me, you wouldn't kill my friends." And with that, the girl disappeared.
Reply Luci
6:25 PM on April 5, 2013 
Hello, Crew ^~^' *Waves..*
Reply Avery Fox
2:12 PM on April 5, 2013 
Aphrodite sighed and frowned. "So kissing her means nothing happened between you two?"
Reply Avery Fox
8:51 PM on April 4, 2013 
Aphrodite scowled. "What you say and what you do are two different things."
Reply Pulse
7:09 PM on February 22, 2013 
"Pleasure to meet you Crew" she offered him a smile
Reply Pulse
7:51 PM on February 16, 2013 
She nodded "Thank You" She rubbed the back of her neck. "Sorry for the rude first-meeting" she held her hand out to him. "I'm Pulse and you are?"
Reply Pulse
1:05 PM on February 16, 2013 
She walked up to the man and raised an eyebrow "Have you seen my uncle?"
Reply Avery Fox
7:58 PM on February 5, 2013 
Aphrodite looked down, her cheeks flushed a slight pink. "I-I'm flattered." She said softly and smiled. Aphro was a little overwhelmed by all the compliments, she didn't know what to say.
Reply Avery Fox
7:51 PM on February 5, 2013 
Aphrodite smiled sweetly. "You already said that, silly xP." She put her hands behind her back.
Reply Avery Fox
7:42 PM on February 5, 2013 
Aphrodite hastily shook her head. "No, I just haven't socialized in a while xP."
Reply Avery Fox
7:37 PM on February 5, 2013 
Aphro looked around awkwardly before nodding. "Nice to meet you, Biotic :0."
Reply Avery Fox
7:24 PM on February 5, 2013 
Aphrodite blinked and tilted her head. Though she didn't this boy, she took the compliment. "Thank you ^-^." Aphro said and smiled. "My name is Aphrodite."
Reply Takani
6:32 PM on February 3, 2013 
you say that though I've told you where I am. If you wanted to actually kill me you would have simply opened your eyes to the darkness and disappear from the world of light. Pardon the riddle though it's simple to figure out.
Reply Takani
9:36 PM on February 1, 2013 
I'm here and I'm there, I'm everything yet nothing, you can look for me but you wont see me. I live in a world of darkness in my cave for now.
Reply Takani
4:58 PM on February 1, 2013 
Then do it. go ahead and kill me, if you want to see me dead. I don't care if I'm dead or alive.