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About Me

The woman has existed and lived way before the multiple downfalls of the Tainted Lands, being one of the eldest living beings here. Although she has lived quite the life, she doesn't speak of it much. She is immortal in aging, looking maybe in her early 20s. They call this woman, Slinkey

Throughout this womans existance, her sanity had always wavered. Whenever it seemed that she had her life in place, Slinkeys insanity was divided with intervals of being sane. Well, seeming sane. From the beginning, Slinkeys brain (or the absense of one) seemed ill or deeply disturbed. It wasn't until recently that she lost all control of her emotions and began to break out in rampages. The exact cause of such brain damage is unknown. At this current state, Slinkey is untrustworthy and unpredictable.

Slinkeys physical appearance is also known to be her trademark. As a human, she has a cadaverous composure to her with a pale complexion and almost blue lips (lack of blood supply.) Since her veins are hollow, acid fills them as a substitute (becoming a toxic bender and using acid to her advantage.) She has sleek long black hair that reaches just above her bottom, being one of her only traits that make her seem lively other than her luminous red orbs. Slinkey is a thin figure whos strength isn't apparent in her exterior. 

The reemerging of her insanity had caused her to lose almost all memory from her past. She can remember that she had a family who shared cared for, but can't put names to faces, nor does she care to. As far as she knows, everyone is a spy out for her head. 

Affiliations: The Veil - Assassin.
Voice: Mairu

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Reply Sinha
7:58 AM on September 1, 2015 
(...Will do.)
Reply Sinha
7:20 AM on August 12, 2015 
Sinha just strolls up to you and tilts his head with a funny look on his face."This is new for are you suppose to be a jack in the box?"Pokes you with a fairy wand because of the lack of sticks in the facility. Crouches down as he is doing the poking and just is overly taken back by your appearance.
Reply Sinha
1:25 PM on June 25, 2015 
(Your one to talk, I do to get on. :P)
Reply Eryx
7:45 PM on June 22, 2015 
Eryx was shocked at the woman's friendliness and jumped back words, "What the fuck's your problem!"
Reply Mithrilon
3:44 PM on March 17, 2015 
Hey thanks! ^^
Reply Sinha
1:05 PM on February 23, 2015 
(Oi. Sorry, got caught up in work. How have you been?)
Reply Cordelia|Astrid
8:55 PM on December 1, 2014 
((Hehe, I know right? Such a badass xD))
Reply Cordelia|Astrid
8:45 PM on December 1, 2014 
((By all means, go ahead xD))
Reply Redemption
8:48 PM on November 12, 2014 
Saber nodded. "I see." He motioned for Sventhar to transform into a rather small dragon of which climbed onto his shoulder. "Mell?" He asked with confusion, believing the fact they where relatives of the Lone family. The squinting of his eyes would show his wonder. "Alright. I won't bother asking for a reason. You have me by your side." He nodded once again.
Reply Redemption
8:42 PM on November 7, 2014 
Saber's eyes squinted as he took in Slinkey's words. She seemed young, at least, her current body did. He could not fathom her death. "That's unfortunate. Glad to see you return." He paused, listening to the rest of what Slinkey had to say. "Really? Glad I'm not a Necropath then. I was not born with the genes." He slowly nodded before pulling her into a hug. She was in his blood family, after all.
Reply Eve
7:35 AM on November 7, 2014 
Bex rose a brow at Slinkey and blinked her white eyes at the female. "Oh? You want me hmm? That's quite interesting." She said her voice smooth as ice, her skin pale and ice cold to the tough. It was as if she was made of ice, but stronger than most anyone could know.

Val turned her face up at the noise, and her nose wrinkled at the smell of death. Her hearing and smell were top notch along with her sense of touch. "Why me?"
Reply Redemption
11:12 PM on November 6, 2014 
Saber placed Sventar so he was leaning along the wall of a house-like structure. Sventar melted into his dragon body, slithering to Saber's back and proceeded to climb up it. He sat on Saber's shoulder, as Saber slid his pale hands into his sweater's pockets. "It has been quite the while, Slinkey. I have been quite well. How have you been?" The grin on Slinkey's face caused Saber to unintentionally grin back.
Reply Masumi
1:12 PM on November 5, 2014 
"Nervous." Was her short reply.
Reply Tad
10:21 PM on October 22, 2014 
He was turned away from the woman when she first appeared, although as he felt a hand on his shoulder, he snapped around, grabbing her arm forcefully with his own and pushing her a few feet back with little effort, keeping them very separate. He narrowed his molten gaze, the lava almost seeping from his irises. Without speaking a word, his horns started to spark up. Before she was able to finish her sentence, he had melted back into the ground, not interested in talking to anyone.
Reply Sinha
9:34 PM on October 21, 2014 
*Throws a shoe at you* 'Ey! You! What are you doin'..better not think you can out run my fart! XD
Reply Thompson
12:40 PM on October 17, 2014 
Orikai watched as the woman got closer, her eyes still behind her pilot goggles. Tilting her head when Crimson stopped, she smiled a little, putting her hand out also, touching it softly to hers, before putting strength into it, grinning and tackling her into the grass. She held her down with one hand and pushed her goggles up so her face could be seen. "Well, hey." She noticed the touch of pink on her cheeks and gently tapped the girl's nose. "I'm Orikai."
Reply Masumi
7:32 PM on October 15, 2014 
Masumi entered, padding up to Slinkey and sat, her tail curling around her paws neatly. "I've been thinking about what you offered." before she continued, she looked up at the demoness, her blue eyes slightly determined. "I'd like to be your apprentice. It seems like a.... smart choice for me to make. Although it'll be hard to teach me. I am only a forest sprite after all..." Her voice trailed off but she did not look away from Slinkey.
Reply Aya 色
7:53 PM on October 13, 2014 
(Only late by like 2 months...)

Aya purred quietly, instantly recognizing Crimson as family, despite them not seeing each other recently. "Greetings, Aunt Crimson," her smile beamed, "I've been fine. You?" She asked.
Reply Wickess
5:25 PM on September 11, 2014 
She nodded twice, agreeing with her statement. "Dat's better.." She smiled and shifted into a pup, her black coat super soft because she was young. Her green and black stripes clashed with her eyes but then her eyes went blue too, so she looked.. transformed. "Let's pway!" she wiggled her body and jumped out into the grass, sliding through on her belly like a penguin on an icy hill.
Reply Wickess
8:04 PM on September 9, 2014 
She looked up at Crimson, smiling a little bit. Words didn't need to be said, so she avoided conversation. She breathed in, emanating a cold feeling, nuzzling herself further into Crimson's arms. Her long indigo hair fell over her shoulder as she leaned her head back, staring up at the women with a small smile. "Pillow." One of the her favorite words, she spoke in an adorable child's voice, that had an ounce of maturity and danger. "Demiserie." she pointed at herself and then hugged her neck once more, closing her eyes.