The Tainted Blood

Hecrio's Temple

This sacred temple belongs to The Wandering Oracle, Hecrio Vela'an.

Hecrio, though human, is the only known being who can accurately foretell the future. He wanders Ereos speaking of his premonitions and his understanding of the Immortals and the past.

Hecrio keeps records of each known species in his books and throughout the temple. You can come here at any time to study them, he welcomes travelers with open arms.

Hecrio's Records

Your character may only be one of the species listed! Please contact the site owner to have an original species added!

Descriptions below.

You must get permission to roleplay species with an asterisk** .

Species in red are NPC-only.

Starter Species

  • Human
  • Wolf
  • Werewolf
  • Vampire
  • Lesser shapeshifter
  • Lesser demon/demoness
  • Android/Cyborg

Veteran Species, 500+ posts

  • Incubus/succubus
  • Griffin
  • Wyvern
  • True shifter
  • Greater demon/demoness
  • Naga
  • Merfolk
  • Centaur

Locked species, ask permission

  • Myr'ae
  • Necropath

What you need to create a new species

PM the site owner or co-owners to have your species added.

  1. Name
  2. Life span
  3. Genders.; Male and female, genderless, hermaphrodite, the ability to change genders, etc.
  4. Reproduction and parenthood info.; How many offspring born at a time, are they born live, as eggs, etc., do the parents raise them and for how long, do the parents mate for life or take temporary partners. Can they breed outside the species, and if so, with what species.
  5. Physical description; colors, size, vocalizations and if/how these vary based on age or gender.
  6. Typical diet.
  7. Abilities and powers. What are the limitations of these powers and how does blackstone effect them.
  8. Vulnerabilities and ways to kill them.
  9. Origin-- where they come from, how they came to TTB or if they're natives.

Unacceptable Powers

  1. Invincibility. You can be injured.
  2. Immortality-- inability to die or be killed.
  3. Altering time.
  4. God-like abilities; any such ability or material which can: burn, cut, dissolve, explode, kill, withstand, or defend against "anything", etc. Everything has limitations.
  5. Immunity to blackstone. Unless you are human or any animal without supernatural powers or abilities, it must effect you in some way.
  6. Resurrection. Only the Immortal of Life can bring back the dead. Necromancy is fine, although traces of the corpse's conscience are gone. Reviving a corpse through necromancy gives the user the ability to command the dead, and order them to use their former abilities/powers (but said powers are considerably weaker and subdued than they were in life).
  7. Mind control-- unless it is closer to "charming" the victim by use of strong supernatural persuasion which can be fought against or denied completely.


50-60 year lifespan, or longer under good conditions

Male and female genders

1-2 live "babies" or "children" born at a time. Both parents, if married, typically raise the children together for upwards of at least 16-20 years

They are humanoids with skin ranging from very fair to very dark brown, with varying shades of blonde, brown, red, black, grey, and white hair colors (grey and white being acquired in old age). Mature females typically have higher pitched voices with enlarged breasts and thinner curvaceous bodies, while males have deeper voices and are stockier with less curves. Young humans are very similar in sound and appearance, while old humans become wrinkled and frail.

Omnivorous diet

No special abilities or powers; they can be possessed by demons or other dark or holy entities, and can be turned into werewolves ,vampires, or zombies. Also known to possess some form of magic if they have been born to a family of magic users (witches, sorcerers, etc). 

No special 'way' to kill a human. Will die from mortal injuries, severe weather, poison, starvation, dehydration, etc.

Natives of Atlona


Wolves of Ereos are a sacred species, and often some think that killing a wolf would bring misfortune. They are known to have the ability to communicate with werewolves and shapeshifters.

Wolves as a purebred species have no magical abilities or particularly "advanced" strengths or weaknesses. They are ordinary animals, with ordinary pelt variations and eye colors.


Immortal - Undead.  Their reflection slowly fades with age. 

Male and female genders

Unable to reproduce naturally due to being undead. New vampires, called fledglings, must be made by turning humans, who are sucked until nearly dry and then fed vampire's blood before they perish. Humans remain at whatever age they were turned, forever; thus, it is a frowned upon practice to turn children.

They are said to possess unearthly beauty with the immortality to match. They have elongated and sharp teeth (typically the canines), though some generations of vampire have teeth that can retract into the gums, showing only blunt human teeth when not feeding. Their eyes come in nearly all shades, can emit a glow, and allow them to see clearly in the dark. They do not age as humans, and any imperfections of age (if having been turned while elderly) fade away.

Strict blood diet, ideally human blood

According to a vampires age, or lineage, their powers vary slightly. Consuming anything other than human blood makes for a weaker vampire with weaker abilities. All vampires have accelerated regeneration, able to heal broken bones, lacerations, and regrow skin in a matter of minutes, quicker if having recently fed. Limbs, if given enough time, may take around a week to grow back, unless reattached. They can run at speeds of up to 70-80mph (112-128kph) and maintain this for a few minutes, and can fight with inhuman strength (able to break bone or lift and throw a full-grown man with hardly any effort at all).  They also have heightened reflexes and advanced hand-eye coordination. Their other abilities may include 1-2 of the following: telepathy between themselves and their fledglings (some vampires may even be able to project their thoughts to others outside their line), levitation/gravity defiance (including walking up walls), shapeshifting into an animal (typically into a bat, wolf, cat, etc), and teleportation of up to a few feet.

To kill a vampire: a wooden or silver stake to the heart, decapitation (a broken neck will not kill them), prolonged exposure to sunlight (more than a few seconds, or a bit longer if from a renowned or older generation), prolonged blood deprivation, and burning. Consuming another vampire's blood, or blood from anything that has previously died, will also kill them. Blessed or holy artifacts keep them at bay, as it burns them if in close proximity.  Blackstone subdues a vampire's abilities, making them as weak and slow as humans.

The vampire is a renowned species across Ereos. Malphas "Knife" Fang ruled as king for years, and now his son, Skulls, or "Skull Fang" rules in his place.


60-80 year lifespan

Male and female genders

1-3 live "pups" or "children" born at a time. Parents are 'mated' for life, a bond they consider stronger than marriage. Werewolves can breed either with other werewolves, wolves,  humans, shapeshifters, and demons. Their young, if  half-breed, may or may not be able to shapeshift.

They generally have two separate shapeshift forms; one anthropomorphic form with digitigrade legs, a large wolf's tail, a wolf's head, and hands like a wolf's paws, and the other human. Some werewolves, commonly those with a wolf parent, have been known to have a form identical to a wolf's, albeit as large as a stallion. Werewolves have pelts that range in color the same as their wolf brethren.

Carnivorous diet, ideally raw

Shapeshifting ability. The shift is agonizing, and involves the bones and flesh of their bodies to realign and change. The shift can take anywhere from a few seconds, minutes, to an hour depending on the werewolf's mastery and bloodline (it's typically less painful and quicker for purebred werewolves to shift). Werewolves born with the gene can shift at will, but those who have been bitten and turned often change when enraged, excited, or scared. Turned werewolves can learn to master the time of their shifts. The 'curse' can only be lifted by killing the maker (though not if you were born into it), and cannot be given to anything other than a human or wolf. Senses such as sight and smell are as great as a wolf's, even in human form, and they have physical  strength that could rival a vampire's. They can run up to 50mph (80kph) in wolf/anthro form for up to an hour at a time. Werewolves have rabid regeneration, able to heal most lacerations, bruises, and broken bones within minutes.

Pure silver burns to the touch, and silver (even if just small shards of it), if not removed from the body, can kill them. Wounds made from silver heal much slower, and the threat of bleeding out is very real if a wound is not properly mended. Normal mortal injuries, such as decapitation, a stab to the heart, and poison will kill a werewolf. Blackstone greatly weakens a werewolf's physical strength, but not their ability to shift.


400-500 year lifespan
Male and female genders
They often pair for life, having clutches of 2-3 eggs about every 50 years, and sharing incubation for another full year-- the rarity making their eggs  considerably valuable in the black market. The eggs are said to contain immense magical properties, bringing "wealth and longevity" to whomsoever should consume its contents; a gimmick sold by numerous physicians and witches who deal in illegal and obscure trades. Wyvern eggs are pure black, shiny, and about the size of a man's head (and it should be mentioned that the taste of them is horrendous, like consuming rotten eggs). The hatchlings are cared for by the parents for another year, being fed fresh prey periodically, and are then large enough to fly and fend for themselves. Tame Sol'vynn wyverns, which remain with their elven riders for life, tend to keep their hatchlings far longer, as their young are trained and prepared for their future elven riders.
They are massive beasts,  sometimes reaching to the size of a house. Females are typically larger than males. Their scales and eye colors vary, ranging from incredibly dull to incredibly vibrant colors, with smoother scales on their underbellies and spiny scales everywhere else. Their tails end in either blunt clubs or vicious spikes, and their powerful wings act as forearms when on land. Both male and female wyverns have horns of varying shapes and sizes which grow in during adolescence. 
Carnivorous, man-eating
Abilities include breathing fire, flying, telepathy, and highly durable scales which are impervious to heat and can deflect most arrows and attacks from basic swords. Some  wyverns that are heavily imbued with magic may even have the ability to shapeshift into the form of an elf. They are capable of speech, and speak Draconic.
Blackstone will weaken a wyvern if presented in large enough quantities, or in the form of a giant collar. Poison, attacking its soft underbelly, another wyvern, and aggressive uses of magic are other ways to go about trying to kill a wyvern.
Wyverns are immigrants from another land who were said to have braved the ocean skies in massive flights, and were once hunted mercilessly to near extinction due to their viciousness and taste for flesh-- human, and supernatural flesh. They were only spared by the elves, beings both fierce and gentle enough to tame such mighty beasts. They are still rare creatures, living only on the mountains surrounding the Elven state of Draeza, Sol'vynn, but their numbers are on the rise.

Sea beast/Leviathan **Unavailable to play

Unknown lifespan, perhaps centuries

Male and female

Unknown breeding and pairing habits.

Unfathomably massive water-dwelling creatures, almost like a sort of water-borne wyvern. They are scaly creatues, with elongated necks, reptilian heads, and spines on the ends of their fins.

Carnivorous, likely eating large marine mammals, merfolk, and sailors.

They have been known to create incredible waves due to their immense size alone, and some have even been known to alter the weather-- bringing strong winds and storms. 

They are a bane to any sailor, no ones been able to kill a leviathan although many have claimed to have gotten close with harpoons imbued with magic. The beasts' hides are almost impossible to penetrate, and most sailors die in their efforts to defend themselves.

Found in nearly all Atlonian waters, it's impossible to tell where they've originated.



Male and female genders

Elves mate in a bond that is eternal, generally favoring other elves over humans due to the difference in lifespan; but falling in love with humans (or even other humanoids) isn't unheard of. Elves may produce a 1-2 offspring at a time, and are able to produce young with other elves, humans, demons, and shapeshifters. It takes decades for a young elf to grow into maturity. Half-elves mature much quicker, unless they've inherited their elven parent's immortal gene.

Elves are humanoid beings who are generally much taller than humans by at least a foot (30cm) or more. They are said to possess unearthly beauty (although, this varies from elf to elf, of course).  Known for their long and pointed ears, they have sharp teeth, faintly glowing slitted pupils (and irises that  come in all shades),  skin that can be anywhere from very light cream to stark white, black or silver, deep brown to tan, and light blues and purples.

Omnivorous diet

Their abilities include; a keen sense of smell, sight (including in the dark), and sound, superior grace and balance, and the ability to use magic and cast minor spells. They do not possess supernatural strength, but their warriors are nonetheless exceptional in battle. The Sol'vynn elves of Draeza tame, ride, trade, and battle with their wyverns, and most are able to speak Draconic.

Blackstone hinders their ability to cast spells. 

Natives of Atlona, primarily Sol'vynn. Other elven 'empires' were wiped out centuries ago by war and cataclysmic events. Sol'vynn elves are known for their elegant music, architecture, and art. 


100-120 year lifespan

Male or female genders, ability to change at will

Shapeshifters are one of the few species who can successfully breed with any other species. Young shifters often change forms unwillingly, usually due to bouts of intense excitement or anger. Half-shifters are often born in the form of their non-shifting parent, unable to shapeshift until reaching puberty.

A shapeshifter's true form is almost identical to a human, betrayed by eyes that are almost always silver, or a very light shade, with no pupils, sharp teeth and nails, and pointed ears. They also often have grey or silver skin. 

Their diet depends on their form.

They are able to take on the physical appearance of whatever they desire under the condition that they have an idea or image of what they want to shift into (Which means their form could be inaccurate or flawed, depending on their memory). Shifting into very large or complicated forms takes much longer than a conventional shift. This does not give them the corresponding supernatural powers of their new form (such as a sorcerer's magical abilities) but it does allow them to have their physical abilities (such as a vampire's vision, if the shift is made properly). Shifters often "forget" their true forms if they are unable to remember its appearance.

Blackstone prevents the shifter from taking another form, keeping them trapped in their current form. Pure silver seems to burn them as well. Wounds and age transfer between forms.

No one is certain of the origin of shapeshifters. They have always been a coveted (or hated) species for those seeking assassins and spies.


280-300 year lifespan

Male (merman) and female (mermaid) genders

They give birth to 1-2 live offspring, and pairs may or may not marry. Merfolk are able to reproduce with humans and shapeshifters.

They possess many different features including a giant tail and  fin for legs, scales embedded upon or replacing the skin, gills, and fins on the appendages, elbows, facial region, or backs. They are said to be very beautiful, though some have been noted to be ghastly and fiendish in appearance. Often they are adorned in jewelry made up of pearls, scales, shells, or sunken treasures.

Omnivorous diet, consuming fish and various vegetation

Renowned for their incredible, unearthly singing voices, which charm and lure sailors to their dooms into rocky cliffs, or into the depths of the sea by making them jump overboard to them. Some merfolk are able to sprout legs in the place of their tails and breathe air when on land, but this is due to possessing enchanted artifacts which allow this ability. Mermaids are said to possess magical properties to strengthen potions and medicines, but they themselves cannot wield any sort of magic.

Merfolk without the ability to transform on land will die if out of water for extended periods. 

Natives of the sea. They turn into sea foam when they die.


80-100 year lifespan

Male (centaur) and female (centauress) genders

Mated pairs tend to produce one filly or colt at a time. Centaurs travel in large family herds. They are unable to reproduce with any other species besides shapeshifters.

This is a feral creature with the upper body of a human from the waist up, and the body of a horse or deer. Their ears are that of a horse's or deer's, and their faces are slightly animalistic in appearance. Deer centaur tend to have antlers, which shed and grow with age.  They may have once been the perfect warrior, but their race is condemned for their lack of respect and proper etiquette. They are now almost exclusively found living in the wilds of Atlona, away from settlements.

Herbivorous diet

No magical abilities or properties, though centaur blood is sometimes found in some dark magic elixirs.

They are most easily killed if separated from the rest of their very protective herds.

They are natives of Atlona, once having territories all over the continent. They currently only exist in the forests of Draeza.


150 year lifespan

Male and female genders

They lay a single egg in a nest high in the mountains. Their hatchlings are cared for until they are airborne. Griffins mate for life, often remaining solitary if their mate dies.

A griffin consists of a torso, tail, and back appendages of a lion, and the head, front appendages, and wings of a bird, most commonly an eagle. They will also have prominent feathered ears. They are slightly larger than a natural lion in size.

Carnivorous diet

They have enhanced sight, supernatural airborne speed (just slightly below that of a wyvern) and the strength of a lion. 

Blackstone weakens a griffin.

Thought to have come from some distant land, now with territories throughout Atlona. They are often thought to be the king of all beasts, they're likely to be found guarding some horde of treasure or their mountain territories.


200-300 year lifespan

Male and female genders

They lay 2-3 large oblong eggs at a time, taking around 8 months to hatch. It's the female that does the incubation, living either off fat reserves, or on meals brought to her by her partner. Naga tend to live solitary lives, but may take permanent mates. They can reproduce with other naga, demons, and shapeshifters.

Naga can be described as have the upper bodies of a human, and the lower bodies of a snake. Their human halves can sometimes be partially or totally covered in scales, and they have the fangs and tongue of a snake. Their ears can either be rounded or pointed, and their pupils are almost always slitted. Their snake halves can be of any snake species, and defines their lifestyle and characteristics (water species will live in or near water, etc., and venomous species will have venom).  They are around the size of humans, but their snake halves can be triple the length or more, depending on the naga's age.

Carnivorous diet. Their mouths do not unhinge like snake's, so they must cut or tear their prey into smaller bite-sized pieces. They do not chew.

They do not possess supernatural strength, but are nonetheless incredibly powerful, and they are exceptional fast for short bursts, able to match the speed of a sprinting horse for a few seconds.

They are cold blooded, so extreme cold and extreme heat is a problem. Blackstone weakens their physical strength. 

They are natives of Atlona.

Succubus/Incubus and Cambion

Immortal. Cambion stop aging at around 20 years of age

Succubus (females) and Incubus (males) can change genders at will. Cambion are born either male or female

A succubus or incubus will mate with a human, to then produce a child known as a cambion. Cambions show no sign of life (pulse/breathing) until seven years of age. 

Succubus and Incubus are demons able to appear as impossibly beautiful humans. In dreams, their forms are somewhat obscured and almost mist-like. Their true forms are with goat's legs, spiraling horns, curved claws, and the wings and tails of a dragon. Cambion resemble humans, though are endowed with extreme beauty, and horns.

Succubus/Incubus live on a 'diet' of sexual energies, often attaching themselves to a host and tormenting them in their dreams. Cambion live on a strictly carnivorous diet.

When a succubus/incubus feeds on a host, they usually do so until the host dies of exhaustion. They will generally avoid a fight if they are able, preferring to hide in their human forms. They have the ability to sense other demons or humans from several miles away, use shadow magic, summon lesser demons, and are inhumanly powerful.

Holy artifacts, exorcisms, and fire are their weaknesses.

They originate in Hell



Male and female genders

They can reproduce with most humanoids, shapeshifters, and animals, having 1-2 offspring at a time.

Some are grotesque, malformed beasts which can either be as big as a building or as small as a cat. Some are humanoid, with horns, wings, tails, or any variant in between, and some are beast-like or feral. Demons vary drastically.

Eating is not necessary, but they are often depicted of being man-eating or carnivorous

Abilities include enhanced strength, agility, hearing, and sight. Some demons have the ability to manipulate an element, create portals, project their voices even in the absence of their presence, defy gravity, and teleport.

Blackstone has a weakening effect on demons, and nullifies their supernatural abilities. A demon can be exorcised and repelled by holy magic, anti-demon circles, and the like. Holy magic has a burning effect, which can be potentially lethal.

They originate in Hell

Angel and Nephilim


Male and female genders, can also be indefinite or interchangeable

They have been known to reproduce with humans, giving birth to a nephilim.

Their beauty and authority are said to be so astonishing that organisms/humans of Ereos are unable to look at them in their true forms without having their eyes torched. Nephilim are unable to take a 'true' form like a true angel, instead being stuck with a human form that may or may not have wings.  Angels are capable of assuming 'human' forms, which have large bird wings that they can 'hide' at will. Their hair can range in almost any color, including colors not natural to humans.

Eating is not necessary

Angels (and nephilim, to a weaker degree) are able to use holy magic to bless items, places, or people. These blessings ward against (and even hurt) anything demonic or malicious in nature. They can also use this magic aggressively in battle, or use it to heal injuries or illnesses. Smaller injuries can be healed almost instantly, while more serious or potentially life-threatening wounds (such as broken bones, heavily bleeding lacerations, diseases) take a few hours or even days to heal.

Angels are able to detect unholy or demonic presences and curses, and can spot a demon, nephilim, or other angel on sight.

Blackstone has a weakening effect on angels, and nullifies their supernatural abilities. Unholy magic used by demons is also a weakness, depending on the demon's strength. Decapitation will kill an angel, they will not bleed to death or die from other mortal injuries, unless they've become human or they are a nephilim. Cutting off an angel's wings will turn them into humans, with very weak holy magic, only able to ward off minor demons and heal minor injuries.

They originate in Heaven with the Immortals

Myr'ae (MEER-ai), aka Virus **requires permission to RP


Male and female genders

Typically produce one offspring at a time, mating for life. Myr'ae can reproduce with humans, demons,  and shapeshifters.

Myr'ae are aliens, and thus their human-like true forms, "abyssal forms" as they call it, are pure energy, astral and mist-like in appearance. They are able to dematerialize into a form of mist as a means of travel.

They have a feral form with canine characteristics except for their very long ears and whip-like tails, a human form, and an abyssal form, all small in size. Their feral forms are just slightly bigger than a house cat, and their human/abyssal forms are about 4-5ft tall (120-150cm). Myr'ae human forms have hair and eyes that can come in any shade, and which produce a faint auric glow. The nails grow to a point, the teeth are sharp with more elongated canines, and the ears are slightly pointed.

They are sustained on a diet of pure energy. They can consume food and drink, but it is not a necessity.

They absorb raw energy from living things to be converted and used in the form of regeneration; they can also solidify this converted energy into weapons. 

They are like batteries, and can be drained like one with detrimental effects. They cannot expel their energy indefinitely, so expect to see signs of weakness after heavy regeneration or large/complicated expulsions of their energy. Without a source to regain their energy, they become easy prey-- so try to take a fight with a myr'ae somewhere void of life, and take precautions to not allow yourself to be drained. They can also be "overloaded", but trying to do this is risky without them unleashing ridiculously powerful bursts of energy to prevent this from happening. Preventing this expulsion of energy will cause them to implode. Beheading and piercing the heart will kill them. Blackstone effects their ability to phase into mist, or wield their energy.

They originate on another planet, called Argaesa.

Necropath **Requires permission to RP


Male and female genders







Necropath: A NecroPath is an extraordinary potent, dominant demon that roamed the earth before and during the dinosaur age. They are the very first guardians of Hell and Satan himself, but were ridden over time due to their horrendous power and unfathomable insanity. They proceeded to cause disobedience and corruption on both Earth and Hell. Only a handful of NecroPath's still remain, and although powerful, their strength does not fully match a NecroPath that had lived millenniums ago. Iamlazyandwillfinishthislater - Necro.

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