The Tainted Blood

Rules and FAQ

Please read through the rules and be sure you understand them before beginning to roleplay.

Getting Started

  1. First, what you'll wanna do is read the rules. You don't have to do it all at once, but at least check through the "Your Character" Section first.
  2. Knowing what you know now, begin creating your character. Check Hecrio's Temple for the available species. Don't see something you want to be, or have a new species in mind? PM the Site Owner or one of the Co Owners, in staff to have yours added.
  3. Find out where your character belongs.  Are they a loner, or a part of a faction? If they're a loner, no application is needed. But click here to join a faction. Don't be afraid to ask for help in the forums, or pm someone in staff, they'll be glad to help you decide!
  4.  Introduce yourself! It's a great way to get started, and you're likely to make friends who'll help you around.
  5. Finish reading the rules if you haven't already! Most especially the Fighting Rules!
  6. Pick a topic in the forums (or create one) and start roleplaying.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is KnifeFangz? KnifeFangz is a supernatural roleplaying site, often referred to as The Tainted Blood, or TTB for short. KnifeFang refers to the site owner's original character's name. TTB is a casual and long-term medieval supernatural and human based roleplay. Member's typically have one main character, and a few alternate characters. 

  • The Tainted Blood, The Tainted Lands, and Ereos? Whats the difference? You'll see all three names throughout the site, sometimes interchangeably. The world is called Ereos. but can also be called The Tainted Blood. The continent, Atlona, that the roleplay takes place in, can be called The Tainted Lands. Since the site has been rebooted, all characters from the past are afflicted with 'tainted blood'.

  • Number of Accounts: You may have as many accounts as you like, but try to be active on each one. We typically do 3 month log-in checks, so as long as you fall in that range your accounts won't be deleted.

  • Reporting members: Contact the site owner or an admin by PM with your issue. You may be asked to flag the offensive post (if any), provide a link, or send a screenshot.

  • Advertising: You may not advertise anywhere on the site, aside your signatures and the Advertisements page.

  • To join a kingdom/faction: Go to the forums, under 'Join a Faction.' Click here.

  • Forum topics: Anyone can post topics to the forums, as long as they are relevant. The title of the topic must be the name of the territory (or topic of discussion), and there must be a description to go along with it. You must name the territory, instead of just posting "The forest" or "A tavern".

  • Staff positions: PM the Site Owner if you're interested in a position. **Moderator  and Admin positions are currently open. You must be familiar with the fighting rules.

  • NPCs: It's encouraged to roleplay NPCs (Non-player characters) throughout your time on The Tainted Blood.

  • New species: If you've got a new species you want verified and added to Hecrio's Temple, PM the Site Owner, or either of the co-owners.

  • Killed unfairly: If you feel you've been killed unfairly, where your opponent has violated the rules, grab a moderator to review the battle. If there isn't one around, get one of the co-owners or the site owner.

  • New events: If you've got ideas for new site events, either PM the Site Owner or toss a comment on Site News.

Your character

We encourage your character's history to be based off life in Ereos (The Tainted Blood). Read through the site's plot, and the factions, to get a feeling for your surroundings. Be creative!
No highly sexual or nude, offensive, or copyrighted material can be used anywhere on your profile.

  • Account Name: Create an adequate name, generally with a surname. List one to two characters present on the account, but no more. Name must be letters only. Refrain from using names ALLINCAPS or CaPsIsBrOkEn. is a great name generator if you're having trouble

  • Avatars and Images: Avatars and images used must be related to your character in some way, and must be: drawn or owned by you, used with permission, or be gifs or screenshots from anime, TV shows, etc.

  • Signature: Your signature must be no longer than a paragraph in length, that includes all gifs and images.

  • Content: Content of your profile may contain swearing, as long as it's not directed to members out of character, or any specific group. No limit to gore.

  • Species: You may only be human, woodland (or aquatic, or arctic if in the north) animal, or a supernatural species listed within Hecrio's Temple. You must get any new species approved before roleplaying them.

  • Powers (and powerplaying): Your powers may only correspond with your species. No invincibility. Your character must have some vulnerabilities and flaws.

  • Be literate: Try not to use asterisks or anything similar to distinguish your character's actions. While you can, it's encouraged that you don't.

  • Responses: At least four to five sentences in length, or more, for your responses in the forums. Provide description. There's no real punishment for short replies, but it's kinda to try to at least match your partner's post length.

Fighting and Death

Death and Reincarnation

You have two lives. So, if you die, you can visit the cemetery and 'ask' the Immortal of Life to revive you. Your name will be recorded on the Cemetery, so staff know whether or not you've come back before.

You may have up to one reincarnation. After that, you cannot be reincarnated again. Reincarnated characters share only fragments of their previous life's memories in the form of deja'vu.


Fighting is taken very seriously here, and so it is imperative you understand the following rules.

The training grounds  are the only places in RP where death is not permanent-- your character will immediately re-spawn without any penalties. You can also avoid fighting/being attacked by roleplaying in territories listed under the 'Safe-zone' category of the forums-- topics with 'Safe' in the title.

  • One-post Kills: We do not allow you to deliver a killing/disabling blow in the first post of an attack, even if you were to join in on an on-going battle.

  • Safe-zones: Areas in the forum with "Safe" in the title, generally "protected" by guards. Safe-zones can be changed at any time. These are locations where other members are not allowed to attack you to seriously injure or kill you. Brawling (fighting and inflicting mild cuts and bruises) is allowed. If you've previously threatened to kill someone, trespassed, harassed/challenged, kidnapped, or seriously attacked someone before entering a safe-zone, others are still permitted to attack you in retaliation; otherwise, no member can forcefully drag you out of a safe zone or attack you.

  • 100 Post Rule: If you are a newbie to the website, you are applicable to a hundred post cap that entitles you to temporary roleplay free of being attacked, even outside of Safe-Zones. This means that no one can attack you to seriously injure or kill you. You are able to be attacked outside Safe-Zones once all hundred posts are used.
    This rule does not apply if the newbie is to seriously challenge anyone. If they attack you or are attempting to kill you, this rule is dismissed and they are allowed to be killed.

  • Godmodding: Not allowed. When you attempt to control another player or the outcome of a situation. Use words like "Intended" or "Aimed". This applies outside of fighting as well!

Example of Godmodding: Brendarian hooks his dagger into the throat of his opponent, killing him.

Better way to word it: Brendarian hooks his dagger toward the throat of his opponent, aiming to kill him.

  • Number of Attacks: A limit of one attack in a single post per character. This attack can also be a series of quick consecutive slashes (or anything similar).

  • Dodging and Blocking: You get five dodges and five blocks in a single battle per opponent. A dodge would be avoiding an attack altogether. A block would be taking the attack with a shield, your arm, a sword (such as parrying an attack), etc. without taking the killing blow. Be aware that with larger or stronger opponents, blocking becomes difficult or impossible.

  • Assists: You may assist (block) for someone else three times per battle. That means you take the attack (whether that means taking it in full, or blocking it) for them, or move them out of harms way.

  • Time limit: There is no time limit to reply unless it is an active plot or event. If one or both parties 'abandon' a normal fight for more than a day, it is assumed the battle ended with both character's leaving.

  • Motive: You do not need a clear motive to kill someone outside of safe-zones, but acting on something you are aware of out-of-character that your character isn't aware of is not allowed.

  • Description: Provide description in your posts. Thoroughly depicting your character's actions can sometimes mean the difference of life and death.

  • Profile/PM killing: Neither are allowed, as they cannot be properly regulated should problems arise.

  • Fleeing: Escaping from battle, as long as it is physically possible, is allowed.

War, Raids, and Alliances

When declaring war or forming an alliance or peace treaty, you must send an announcement to Site News!
Raids do not need to be announced.
  • Declaring War against a faction: You must be the ruler of a faction in order to declare war on another faction. This declaration can be made via speech or through the signing of documents. The two factions can then gather their armies and battle.

  • Total War: Completely unrestricted warfare. Total war between factions involve not only the faction's armies, but the civilians as well.

  • Civil War: War against ones own faction, either for independence or control.

  • Forming an Alliance: You can form an alliance at any time with another faction, whether individually, or with your entire faction. Alliances can be formed during war.

  • Joining and leaving factions: You may not sign up to join warring factions, but you can leave them.

  • Raids: Raids involve attacking another faction and then leaving before it can adequately retaliate. It's not a tactic used to maintain territory. See below reasons raids may be implemented.
    • to demoralize, confuse, or exhaust the enemy
    • to ransack, pillage, or plunder
    • to destroy specific goods or installations of military or economic value
    • to free prisoners of war
    • to capture enemy soldiers for interrogation
    • to kill or capture specific key persons
    • to gather intelligence.
Source used from Wikipedia. Raids

Mating and Birth

Taking mates of the same gender is allowed! But before you have young, be sure it's physically possible to produce young for your species in a homosexual relationship.

  • Pregnancy: Pregnant females (or males, depending) must be pregnant for two weeks real time.

  • Mating/Sex: This may only occur with brief description in the forums. Try to fade-to-black, censor, or take the act to your private messages.

**Be sure!! to talk to your partner prior to going to PM. They may be uncomfortable with it.

  • Birth: It's preferred, but not required, to provide only vague description in your birthing posts.

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